Foundation made of piss and vinegar . . . . . .
Saturday, November 22, 2008
  Please stop trying to take this blog. I don't want to give it up, I quite like having records from this time in my life. 
Sunday, December 09, 2007
Would you like some delicious corm?? 
Tuesday, August 24, 2004

la la la abandoned!

mmm livejournal
Friday, January 23, 2004
Thursday, September 04, 2003
Wednesday, July 23, 2003
  BLOGGERSUCKS, IT REALLY REALLY SUCKS!why am i posting here? i don't know, i'm freakin' bored, and you like men. 
Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Sally's Song - The Nightmare Before Christmas

I sense there's something in the wind
That feels like tragedy's at hand
And though I'd like to stand by him
Can't shake this feeling that I have
The worst is just around the bend

And does he notice my feelings for him?
And will he see how much he means to me?
I think it's not to be

What will become of my dear friend?
Where will his actions lead us then?
Although I'd like to join the crowd
In their enthusiastic cloud
Try as I may, it doesn't last

And will we ever end up together?
No, I think not, it's never to become
For I am not the one..

i like that song.

i might be going to see the ring tonight, but i donno -_- my stomach hurts, im gonna make something to eat. 
  im so.. bored..


im looking at.. snakes.. ... again


.... i have nothing else of any interest to say-- i think.. i just feel stupid, and ugly. hrmmnrnmmff... i want mgs2 substance... now...

this website is hillarious.

hmmm.............. ::goes off to see if theyve realeased the date when substance will be realeased on the releasedness of releasing ps2::
Monday, April 14, 2003
  word. this sucks. uh. boobs.......

i really need to get in the KNOW with my blog, but this bastard has had it. -_-;; 
Saturday, March 29, 2003
  i really do need a new layout @_@; fehfehfeh.

::jams to alice cooper:: ive reached passed 2000 vus on DA! yay! it only took forever @_@  
Wednesday, March 26, 2003
  ::looks at like a hand full of acetaminophen(bleh!) and sleeping pills:: dammit i hate this >_< im so sick and gay, barf.

ahh! ribby-chaaan thank yoooou!! i'll have to tlak to megmeg about the poolidge-ness, cause that would be good, (and i hope i get a shiya e_e), you're so lucky, and so nice to think of us and it makes me explode with goo.

CRAP i just spilt whitecanberryjuiceonmystupidkeyboard ::smashes face into desk::
man im hungry. ::takes the accursed pills:: fehfehfeh, im gonna go lay down, and watch this cooking show here, shes making.. something that looks yummy with peaches..;__; i want a peaaaacchh ::Throws stupid half eaten YA PEAR AT TV:: CURSE YOU YA PEAR!! CURSE YOOOOOOOOUUU!!! ehhh oh well ::dicks off:: 
Monday, March 24, 2003
  ::holds throat in:: im so very ill and so very sick, my dad is FUCKING USING THE SPEAKER PHONE AGAIN AND I HAVE SUCH A FUCKING HEADACHE. I WANT TO KILL SOMETHING. AHHHHH!!!!
i feel like such crap. i hate my dad. oh my god i hate my dad. i want to be locked away so i dont have to listen to his "I TOLD YOU SO'S". my eyes hurt. ;_; and my ears hurt. and i cant breathe, i cant breathe and i freak out and thrash trying to breathe when im sleeping. ::eyes water::

ribby-chan how would i go about paying you? cause at that price, its like.. MEATY GOOD. 
Wednesday, March 19, 2003
  ::wave:: WHY AM I POSTING? well , i shoudl still update this puppy, since i still love it alot. ::hugs blog:: though-- i like the abbility to block stuff from people. anyways. im gonna make a new layout tomorrow or something, probably gonna be alice coopery. i need my list of links back along the edge .. o_o; ive fallen behind on reading stuff..

@_@;;;; uhm.. i dont know what to post in here, since i post stuff in my livejournal.. stupid livejournal-- I'LL KILL YOU, I'LL KILL ALL O' YOU!!


ohhh! ::SOBS:: ribby-chan THANKS FOR THINKING ABOUT MEEE ::sobs:: its good to know that everyone hasnt forgotten about me<3 and man i wish i could actually have those things, but im so poooooor @_@ ::drools on shoe::

ohh im gonna jig off and see willis for a while i think... and maybe get some sleeping pills. so i can sleep all day today and all night. cause im dying. ::explodes:: 
Sunday, March 02, 2003
  ive been neglecting you again, poor bloggy. oh well, you suck.

XDDDD shuttup foo'! 
Thursday, February 27, 2003
  got a livejournal

why? because i can. 
Tuesday, February 25, 2003
  great orbs batman! i got a livejournal! ooohh! why? cause i can...
  you know what? IM SUFFERING FROM TABLET WITHDRAWL. OH MY GOD. ::stabs eyes out with fork:: 
Saturday, February 22, 2003
  i hate getting up EARLY. esspecially before the SUN kind of early. @_________________@; but it needs to be done, since last night i was passing out from light-headedness... it was like ::lays down:: wow the roof is spinning again.. *_*

well... i just gotta have a shower, in an hour or so, then im good.

i hope i have a good day :X 
Friday, February 21, 2003
  ::goos:: dammit, a few minutes ago i was so pissed off i wanted to kill, now im just tired as hell.. ;_< and sad. and thirsty. and sick of being home alone. 
  i used the restore discs.

MY COMPUTER IS EMMPPTTTYYY ::sobs:: but thats also good. 
  IM HOME. ALONE. and i oculd be dancing around in my underwear. but i do that when im like.. ya know.. not home alone, ive been working on my... kamishibai, its so stupid, but i will finish it. and then people will be like XD! YOU ASS. then i'll throw meat. 
Thursday, February 20, 2003

my nose is full of sticky goo. my mouth is also filled with goo. my ears are full of goo. FOR SUCKSAKE WHAT ISNT FILLED WITH FUCKING GOO?

~___~ im very bitter at james for getting me sick, i hate being sick, mostly cause i cant taste anything. and i swear it, i cant sleep for more than 2 hours without waking up to TAKE A FUCKING PISS. T+T

and everyone is like BARAHAH at me, and alex and shiela are putting their stuff into the UHAUL, which means, theyre basically gone ;___; and that means the new fellow is moving in, and we figure, since he's a single guy, he's just gonna rent it out T_____T; and that means, we're gonna have assholes for neighbours-- but, i feel sorry for them for having to be OUR neighbours, dammit ;___; i want my mom..

::sobs in the bathtub:: 
Wednesday, February 19, 2003
  i feel like such craapp, im so sick, and i have to go out today and im like @______@ cause i take cough syrup and it does nothing and i go like WHEEEEEEEEE!!! T_T; i pee alot. 
Sunday, February 16, 2003
  it seems whenever i talk to my mom or dad, they always somehow manage to change the subject to NOT having money, or about eachother. -_- i dont think they get, that i dont care.

im having a terrible day, though i had funny dreams, i woke up this morning to chibi d and al trying to kill eachother on my back. so i woke up to my back bleeding. T_T; then i wanted to make dinner tonight (something like stuffed peppers) mom yelled at me, complained about dad, got mad about money, blah blah blah, i left, and went back to bed.

no one seemed to like the picture i drew recently. my art sucks.

i hate this, everything always goes wrong whenever it can for me. im fucking freezing, cause the wind is from the west or something, anyways, its blowing right into my room from my BUSTED WINDOW THAT MY DAD WONT FIX. so im freezing. and i feel like im getting sick. and im very sad. and i hate you. 
Saturday, February 15, 2003
  urrrrrrghh im slacking off since i didnt sleep. still no new layout. im too homo for that, dont worry, a new one will happen soon, maybe XD;;;;

urrrgggg. i hate this! i suck at everything, and im thirsty. i drew alot of picutres last night when i was trying to sleep. the bombs are dropping, i should go now. 
  WHAT UP? BOB DOLE? i have nothing good to say, i have candy. 
Thursday, February 13, 2003
  last night i dreamt about egg, and there was alot of snow, and me and mom were on our way to this store up north, and i had this rich aunt, but i couldnt leave egg at home, so i brought her everywhere with me, but then she puked out her mouse and i was like NOOO jAMES YOU ASSHOLE!! cause he was holding her by her neck and then i went in this store and i had to get this lemon sauce, and i ran outside and i asked my dad if he was watching egg and he was like uh... yeah, and egg was on the pavement, and he picked her up, and i went back inside and meg was stealing things, and she kept telling me to goto the strings or that we had to go under the strings or something and i was so confused and like, i was driving the car down the road to my gramma hajba's house, and like my mom just said to go straight, but i couldnt cause there was all these cherriots on the road with me, and the car we were driving was a cyan junk bucket (KINDA LIKE THE TEAL CAR) and there was this bridge, but, i had to choose a side, and we were going so fast, and for some reason, it was all castley around the house, cause my rich aunt (that i so dont have) made it all cool like that, and it was a weird dream.

XDD; spanky 
  @__@; i just remembered my dream from last night.. o___< oh jeez why did i dream THAT?! >_< XDDDDDDDDD;;;;;;;;;;;; i fell asleep with my clothes on again, im thirsty...

uhm..... ... . my tv is fucking up majorly, now the sound completley cuts out for like 5 seconds or so, every 10 seconds, for fucksake.

>_< URRGGGGGHHHH!! I HATE THIIIIIIS! +_+ oh well, ignore ugly template, i'll be making a new one tomorrow, or sommodat shit. 
Wednesday, February 12, 2003

im so tired, but i just cant seem to fall asleep, i keep laying on my right side, and im numb all over, and my hips are burning like tiger, and my back is like hot ow ow burn from when i was cooking dinner, since im gay. my eyes are watering, and ivory licked half my face and my lip raw <_<;;;;; stupid dog. but my lip is all hurting, and im like noo and the eyes are like leakleakleak THIS SUCKS. i hate not being able to sleep!! I WANT TO KICK SOMETHING, I HATE BEING A GIRL SO MUCH SOMETIMES ::STOMPSFROTH:: urrhhggghh ::goes to bed in clothes:: 
  i GOT SOME FUNNY THINGS YES FOR TENMA-CHAN-CHAN XDDDDD~;;;;; still, im very bored, we went to the malland were idiots, had some yummy bubble tea. it was yum yum like mmm.. XD;;

>_o wellll................. ...... im not feeling like myself today, kinda i donno.. sluggish in the brain, i cant concentrate on anything, and i donno, being at the mall didnt help, i was like like @_@ ::SITS AND STARES AT NOTHING ::THINKS OH GOD WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING? IS THAT A MOLE ON THAT GUYS NECK? EW:: ..::

that was strange. i need a new layout ::huggles otacon and snake:: im sorry.

::holds stomach:: feels like im going to bust apart at the seams again..

oh man, i had to walk home from the busstop >__< AND I WAS SO COLD, MY SWEATER IS SO NOT WARM AGAINST WIND. @_@ im thirsty, i really need a new layout, BUT I HAVE NOTHING TO MAKE ONE OUT OF. >_____< maybe a... uhm... .. . .. . er.. some bustychick? XD

Tuesday, February 11, 2003
  urrgllle... i need to have a quick mcshower, urrr, poor egg, her light died last night sometime, and its cold in here, and shes cold, and she just ate and im hoping this won fuckle her up.

-___- ::picks nose:: gonna go hop off to shower. ~_+

uhm.... ... though i dont want to XD ::hops off:: 
Monday, February 10, 2003
  the following is a bitchy whining i-hate-life post..

urg..... ... -______; this is me being very bored, and very. very. very. depressed. so last night, i wanted to draw something, right? no big deal! then i get my new tablet pen, that my mom so ... got.. free for me, anyways, and the pen tip doesnt work, i figure the magnet inside is broken, so i open it up, i am right, i open my other pen, without thinking that the indented teeth marks from the pups may screw some of the circuit board crap, and so anyways yeah, when i pulled the plastic off, it snapped back this little black thing, so now thats only attached on one side, and so that was broken compleletly now, i took the magnet out, without care, cause well, it's broken, and i snipped these wires, and hookedthem on the other pen to the other wires, and still, it doesnt work, so, now i have to mangled pens, the only thing that works on the new one is the eraser, and when im using the eraser the little clicky thing works too... so now i have nothing, because im a fucking idiot,

AND now my dad is yelling at me, cause i wouldnt fold someone's laundry, someone's laundry that wasnt MINE. and he just told me to get out, and FUCK i would, i'd leave and live on the fucking street if it meant i never had to see his asshole face again.

-______- and on top of all that im moody as fuck and trying not to snap on anyone, and i hate my dad, for being such a sexist, racist some bitch pig.

and my brother is sleeping in my mom's room. my mom hates when he sleeps in there, like he owns the place. i hate men. i really do. i've not met ONE guy that's not a fucking asshole to me. (okay, so thats a lie, but shut the hell up, im bitching, leave me alone, asshole)

/end whinging bitching and all that shit.

other than that, im having a great fucking day! woo. 
Sunday, February 09, 2003

all everyone i know does is FIGHT. 
Friday, February 07, 2003
  yarrrr, i got stuff today at the artmcstore, mom got her easel, and brushes and papers and stuff, i got a sketch book, a brush pen, and some conte! and a new magic rub! and britt got a lot o' markers, so its like YEAH DUN DUN DUN.

nothing really is going on in the world of d. hence the lack of blog entries. uhm........ ..... i got four hours of sleep last night, and realised that knight rider is really entertaining when youre so very tired.  
Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Find out which Pita Ten character you are!

i got shiya, but, the page was a four oh four!! so i just picked her, cause she's crazy. XD.

hrmmm....... i ate alot of yummy yum spagetti that i made with meat balls of dooom and it was sooo good. XD

i hurt my hand though, and it was all bleedy and gay, and i was like ::suckle:: XDDD 
Tuesday, February 04, 2003
  AHHHhhh im bored.. .... .... ... .... ... . .. .and hungry. ::goes off:: 
Monday, February 03, 2003
  ::sobs:: grave of the fireflies made me all sad;__;

::picks nose::


.. XD;;;;;; DA is being a pain in the ass, ass like man.
i am bored, and since i can, im gonna draw some grave of the fireflies fanart. 'cause im gay, and youre not. or are you? dun dun dun... 
  urrrg, no images will load on my computer now T_____________T im so angry, and so not angry at the same time, the people at chibidick's oekaki are all fucking assholes, and i hate them. T__________T ::goes off to watch some movie or some shit:: 
Sunday, February 02, 2003
you might not want to read this down there, im very tired, and pissed off, so it probably doesnt make sense, and repeats itself like 6 times before the end.

T++T kay, i went to sleep hours-a-fucking-go. like at 6pm like, right? and so, like 10 minutes ago, james comes in, and starts yelling at me, and demanding i tell him how to send some assholes a file, and, somehow, i ended up being yelled at by mom, or something, i can't really remember, since i was SLEEPING. T__T and THEN i helped him, and THEN HE LEAVES, AND LEAVES MY COMPUTER ON, MY MONITOR ON, MY LIGHT ON. I WAS SLEEPING. WHY CANNOT HE COMPHREND I DO NOT WANT TO HELP HIM. I DON'T CARE IF HE SELLS HIS FUCKING JEEP OR NOT. IT IS NOT. MY. PROBLEM.

i am so pissed off, i'm pissed off that i got yelled at, for sleeping. i just want so rip out my throat and give it to them, because theyre all better than me, and they can sleep, and not do things if they wish, but not myself, i'm lowly, i have to give and give and never take, or complain, and do dishes, and laundry, because i happen to be a female, well sorry, i think i'd rather shovel the driveway, or cut the grass, but no, i'm supposed to bend over backwards for these men, so they can laze around, and never learn anything for themselves.

i am so very very bitter. it's not worth it. and it's not like i do it anyways, i'm not going to be bossed around like i'm nothing. yeah, and screw you too, for thinking im an idiot. it may be true, but who are you to judge me?
  fdsyhyhuuuuuuuuhhhhhgbgngfvvvvvv the dogs wont stop crying. 
You're a transformer!

What 80's Cartoon Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

more than meets the eye. ohhohohoho.

XD! oh i had much fun yesterday, i went to chinatown with lisa'n'meg, and we were dumb and did shit, and stuff, and i got a hat!!! xD. and i got grave of the fireflies, volume 1 of pita-ten, and the two towers!!1 and meg bought me ALICE COOPER LEGO-LIKE-MAN!! but, i'm gonna pay her back for it, but still!! XDD... my legs are hurty though, cause im gay..

Saturday, February 01, 2003
  balkrha..doolfd,.hrmoiop,... .ujhhhhh.... yeah, i be bored. BORED LIKE mAN. MAAN... im gonna go do laundry now.. 
Friday, January 31, 2003
  ::JIGS:: i just finished writing out today's diet. w00t. go me! xD; fef, im bored though, and since ive been up all night, it makes me want to sleep. i'd do my laundry. but its scary downstairs. XDDDDD!!!

yeaahh.. that's why im not doing it <____< 
  THIS SUCKS!!!! >_< i just spent a really long time (well not that long) drawing a really cute picture, and i actually LIKED it. and it didnt post on the oekaki, but i got a crappy screenshot of it T_+ and its a GIF so it looks like CRAP and it makes me sad.. oh well... ;___; 
  what up ? XD;;; ahh i be feelin' better today, ::jigs:: uhhh... YEAAaaaap... im bored though, bored like man. ::looks at cock:: almost time for.. breakfast~! yay! ::runs off:: 
Thursday, January 30, 2003

Which Ringwraith are You?
By Lisa

ah, amusement. 
  why is it, when i do something for myself, finally, i get depressed, when doing nothing for me, and just sitting around makes me feel okay?
im really upset right now, and i have no idea at all why. i need to do laundry, and have a shower, but i dont know why, but i just cant seem to get up and do anything, im so drained, i just sleep, thats all i can do right, and it's really driving me up the wall. i used to like doing stuff. i dont even want to see my friends. i just want to sit here. and do nothing. i dont even know if im crying, or if my eyes are watering.

-__- maybe its all just in my head, and im making it all up. 
Tuesday, January 28, 2003
  ::licks chops:: well, today's dinner was better than yesterday's. today, i got, hot dogs!! and broccoli (yum n__n) and i got half a banana, which i mixed with my ice cream, and it was so good, but, also, had to eat a half a cup of carrots <_< carrots are okay, but, i like to DICK mine in ranch dressing, and since i couldnt, and i wasnt allowed butter, i just ate the carrots raw and alone, while i was cooking the WEINERS and the BROCCOLI, this diet inst that bad, its just a little.. weird..

well... off i go!

sorry for boring post XDDDD;; nothing else much happened today, james and dad fought, i slept on and off, my head hurt. and i ate. ;__+ 
  henmefh, lisa came over today, we didnt do much, cause i really wasnt feeling all to good, @_@

urgle, i dont know why, but i just can't seem to sleep the night through, i always wake up with a headache. ;___; and now im on a diiiieettt, well, i figure, this diet worked for my aunt, and my aunt was ::shudder::, so maybe it'll work for me?

gmnhm, BUT IT SUCKS, you cant eat between meals, and like..... the meals are SMALL.. im used to snacking alot, and AND EATING ONE BIG AS HELL MEAL... mehhh ::ponders what i get for breakfast today:: woo! today i kinda get something! a hard boiled egg, a peice of toast, and a banana.. XP yesterday for lunch, i had a can of tuna, and a peice of toast. A CAN OF TUNA. god was i hungry for dinner, and dinner was, a cup of wax beans, 3 oz of sliced turkey (thats like, 3 slices, and a little bit), a small apple, and a cup of vanilla ice cream. see, i woulda gave up the ice cream, just to have some god damn butter on those beans, but, there is no subsitutes ;___; ::sucks back stupid water:: and water is all i can have... WATER IS ALL I CAN HAAAVVE..

geh, im gonna go lay back down. my head is killing me. 
Monday, January 27, 2003
  my eye is goobing, yes goobbiiiiinnnggg......

ivory jumped in my bed and i huggled her. now im awake. i cant remember any of my dream(s) 
  ,anmugfsak.s!@Q213w3y4ewlkmhgjnlkdsgnlkgklndwkdkljgio !11

im bored. and sick. and gay. and i want. mans. 
Sunday, January 26, 2003
  URRG, i feel liek ASS, and i can't sleep!! ::STOMPS:: isnt that interesting? yes, so interesting, and so perceptive, that i think we will now fight with knives! DUH NUHDHUNUHNUHUNH! YEAH TO THE DEATH! ..what're you doing? I'M HOSTING THE SHOOOWW! with that knife... yeah... OH REALLY?! well you see tom is gonna write a song about a knife, and so he wanted to see what one looked like. oh really? thats a good idea. so do it. fine then i'll do it.. I'm a kniiiiife... knifin' around... cut cut cut cut cut cut cut hmmm cut cut cut cut cut.

  i have spots o_o. i went to sleep for a while last night, and i woke up, and my face has all these red spotty bumps... ;______; and when i wasnt here, the puppies chewed apart my garbage, and im so tired, and i have to pee and i hate you. ;___________________; im sad. 
  urhoffff. this sucks >_< i hate being sick like this. its like my insides are twisting, and flipping around to mock me. and my mouth tastes lik vomit, and no matter what i do, the taste wont go away. i feel like ASS. ;___; and im hungry. all ive eaten all day and evening and stuff, was a stupid sundae, and two gravol, and four advil...... ;_______; and no one is awake. and i just feel like sobbing. cause i havent had this much pain on the insides in a long long time. 
Saturday, January 25, 2003
  urguhghidhok. im really sick now. i puked up what i ate last night, and its not good, cause i still feel like i could ralph up my insides. ;__; 
  i feel like garbage, i think i have what james had, cause i just urhg want to explode into vomit. 
  wagh..... i feel like CRAP, i can't sleep. I CAN'T DO IT CAP'N!!

i really NEED to do laundry, BUT IM SAD, and my knees hurt >_;

i have found out that krispie kreme (or kispie keme) boxes smell like wonderland, and its like "n__n" britts shoes are in here.

the puppies tore apart the bag that has many boxes in it, boxes that held mice that egg ate. i love egg, i want to hold her. i have to pee. its cold in here.

i need to draw more, today i started to get the hang of painterclassic-- i think, and i started to draw a picture of Moro, 'cause i love Moro, it's so sad when she dies. ;_; and another sad thing is, that our ol' mgs second cd freezes at the end, when liquid is giving his big long speech about les enfants terribles.. ::sigh::

hm... what else... ... ivory is nuts. im sad, i dont think many people read this anymore. which is okay i guess. and DA wont load. ;_;

things are mocking me, like the fact i can't. i cant I CANT.

meh. i need sleep, im gonna lay down and die, but maybe.. he's finally found some peace ::sobs:: XDDDDDDDDD;;; oh i am such. a. loser. 

Which Final Fantasy Villain Are Ye?
created by dimknight and kefkafanatic
go and immerse in complete mental insanity

yay! kefka! XD!!

1) Last dream: uhmm.. it had something to do with b, myself, james and mom running from the police, and we ran up into this room with a really big bed and we were hiding and we had someone's baby with us, or it was the dream with the pool in my front yard, and lisa went in it, and it was filled with bugs and i told her to get out, cause she didnt see the bugs, and then we drew on some statues of like zeus or someone.
2) Last car ride: uh... yesterday when dad and i went and got gas, and food and stuff.
3) Last kiss: uhm like a few hours ago! from chibi d XD;
4) Last good cry: uhm.. i have no idea..
5) Last Missing Library Book: uhm... i havent been to a school that's had a real library, but when i was in indEC is stole some books..
6) Last movie seen: in cinema: teh two towers and at home: mononoke-hime.
7) Last Book Read: i was reading the two towers the other day.
8) Last cuss word uttered: probably shit, or ass.
9) Last beverage drank: piss-- actually it was coke with old ice cubes that melted.
10) Last Food consumed: either a cispie.. or some chocolate, the last real food i ate was some hard tacos. XD
12) Last phone call: uhmm.. jamie called me yesterday, and woke me up from a really good dream-- that wasnt that good, but hey i was sleeping.
13) Last TV show watched: uhm.. last night, i watched knight rider.
14) Last Item Bought: mononoke-hime dvd
15) Last time showered: three or four days ago xD;;
16) Last shoes worn: my 20 dollar wal-mart no name blah blah black shoes.
17) Last CD played: some metallica cd when i was in britts room, then britt played the teaparty.
18) Last downloaded: the popcorn song!!
19) Last annoyance: THE FACT MY ROOM IS SCARY, and that im itchy. and smelly.
20) Last disappointment: um.. when i realised i had to goto sleep in my room? or when i opened my region of peel letter and it told me i had to get a tetnus shot, and a diphteremiemiamia or something shot, and it wasnt telling me i was dead.
21) Last soda drank: cock
22) Last thing written: uhm.. by hand.. i wrote boobs! on my moniter..
23) Last key used: the car key the other day when the guy opeend the door at the same time i did. that was weird.
24) Last words spoken: i said something like "YEAH, BUT, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, AND I'M NOT ABOUT TO TELL YOU!" to britt.
25) Last trip: uhm, i went up north last weekend to my nagymama's! XD
26) Last sleep: uhm, from like 5am last night to like some gay hour, i donno ivory woke me up by jumping into my bed and licking me to death.
27) Last IM: i donno, i think i said something to momma t.
28) Last sexual fantasy: that time, when the alice cooper mask was like in my door and i was like nooo alice cooper mask,and it was like ::melts:: okay, so that's not true. so shuttup.
29) Last time you thought you saw a UFO: like 2 years ago, i was standing outside, in the backyard with ivory, and like i looked up, and some random stars were moving in like diamond shapes, and it was weiird, and thats not the only time ive seen the stars do that..
30) Last weird encounter: probably the guy that opened the door at the same time as me, then when i had to tell him to go away.
31) Last Store Shopped at: store that i was actually in? Futureshop.
32) Last ice cream eaten: i had some chocolate and black cherry ice cream at the mandarin the other day on a waffle with some whipped cream....
33) Last time amused: eh, eariler when me and britt were being idiots.
34) Last time wanting to die: uh.. i donno, a few nights ago.
35) Last time in love: in love with what? i love my pets and family(for the most part) and i love alice cooper and elijah and snake and otacon. but no serious i want to spend my life with you love for anyone. never has been.
36) Last time hugged: uh... i donno.. al hugs.. but shes a dog, i dont know the last time a person hugged me.
37) Last time scolded: when i didnt let ivory out for my dad, cause i wasnt dressed.
38) Last time resentful: when the flashlight exploded on the floor.
39) Last chair sat in: my old school royalbank chair.. thats broken..
40) Last lipstick used: the black kind
41) Last underwear worn: before the ones now? purple. now, blue.
42) Last bra worn: i only have two. and theyre both the same.
43) Last shirt worn: uhm, this navy blue shirt here.. its like champs or something..
44) Last class attended: uhm..... i donno.. i think it was.. like.. science exam.. way back in the day.
45) Last Final taken: bob dole.
46) Last time dancing: tonight, so some random song on the radio.
47) Last poster looked at: the digicharat one up there.
48) Last concert attended: i've never been to a concert.
49) Last webpage visited: uhm... meg's blog, where i got this.

dammit, i still dont want to goto sleep. 
Thursday, January 23, 2003
  urgnnnngm,v,vcx.,x ::drools because is too stupid to keep mouth shut:: 
  screw fresh-warm-gooey pizza, give me cold and two days of age, and im in HEAVEN.. ::GARGLE:: XDDDDD!! im watching knight rider.  
  wagh, DA is down right now, SO I HAVE LITERALlY NOTHING TO DO. ;_; i could go draw something, bUT I SUCK. 
  hmmmnnng.. i feel like piss, no one is on. ::runs off to the toilet:: 
Wednesday, January 22, 2003
  eh. the links on to those stupid pictures on oekakicentral dont work, stupid assholes.. ::sigh:: i need a new sketchbook, i bought mononoke-hime last night, i was gonna get grave o' fireflies, but it was more expensive. they had lain there, and trigun, and terminator 2, i was like WHICH ONE, and i dreamt about AHHAHAHAHA ::JUST REMEMBERED:: that last night, OH MAN THAT WAS FUNNY, MY DREAMS ARE SO STUPID. THAT IS ALL. 
  HAHAHAHAHAHA. ::HAD SCARY THOUGHT:: i probably should WRITE That thought down, but its indeed a little odd. 
  heh heh heh sulu is trying to put the moves on uhura XD;

hahahah this episode amuses the hell out of me. evil spock is sexy.. oh hell no, i did NOT just type that. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD;

whoa, my keyboard is being all fast. 
  they deleted another picture from oekakicentral!! ::STOMPS::
From: Shufu-sama @ 2003-01-22 02:05:41
Subject: Your picture has been removed


Your picture ( has been removed from the database by Administrator Shufu-sama for the following reason:

this is nice, but it isn't quite 3 stars. ^^;

If you have any questions/comments regarding the action, you may reply to this message.

but this here stays, for some reason, i think it only stayed because it was LEGOLAS. urr... feh screw oekakicentral.

my lips hurt >_<
Tuesday, January 21, 2003
  ugnnh i drank tea, now its hot in here, like very. hot.

a soap opera is on my tv.. help me.. 
  urgh, i feel all crappy, im hungry, and i know there is nothing out there to even LOOK at let alone eat.

feh, i dont want to get dressed, i just want to crawl back into bed and die. i just know im gonna get what james and dad have T_T


::goes to look for food:: im just wasting my time. 
  ah.. hmm.. tonight al ate almost a full brick of rat poison that was under james' bed, james sighted this, and stuff happened, called the real vet people, they said to put salt into her mouth until she vomits, GOD al is STRONG, three butch men couldnt hold her down and spoon it into her mouth, it wouldnt work, sooo dad called the emergency place, they said nothing about making her vomit, and told us to get her there fast, if thats not money hungry, i dont know what is. they wouldnt even give ADVICE. T_+ anyways, yeah, eventually james and his two friends got another spoonful of salt in her mouth, and she puked it up onto britt's clothes XD;; anyways.. so yeah, that was the adventure,

before that me and mom watched fotr, mom fell asleep in my chair and i laughed at her and poked her. we ate mcdonalds THEN chocolate and we both got really tired XD egg didnt get to eat again. -__-

uh.. i painted a cool picture of happy bunny, i like how he turned out, a bit, i think.. uh.. yeaaah..... ... i donno.. my face is killing, both dad and james are sick with the flu, that means im gonna get it, and i havent had the flu in a long time, and when i get it, I GET IT. ~___~ idiots, they knew my everyone at my aunt's had it, but they still went there T_T mom should really get the flu shot, cause like, mom needs to not get sick, cause sick mom isnt good. and she'll loose her jobs. ;_;

i need to sleep now, cause my teeth are hurting alot. 
Monday, January 20, 2003
  WORD. UH OH! i donno, i want to spend my mcdollars. ::RUNS OFF:: 
Sunday, January 19, 2003
  yo yo yo, i went to gramma's last night, and we left at like 2 in the morning, and like @___@ something REALLY strange happened, me and mom were tlaking, and like we pulled left onto younge street, and then 10 minutes later, we were supposed to turn right onto something, i dont know streets very good, but anyways, for SOME WEIRD we went down a hill and then we were like 10 minutes down the road-- like we never traveled it, but we were there already, and like mom's ciggarette was still just lit and everything, and we never turned right, but we were on the road you turn right onto @___@ it was SO weird, unless we both kinda didnt notice, but i usually do, and it was just so totally strange.

uhm yeaaah, then tonight, i payed for chinese food, there goes my camera money, but thats okay, it was mom's birthday on the 17th, so its okay, but yeaaah, i ate alot. and so did mom.. and i got britt a big plate o' lemon chicken, though she wasnt hugnry, but yeaah, im glad they have sushi there, but im sad they didnt have salmon rolls... ;_=

XD i had mcfun, but now my stomach hurts, but i drew a rEALLY funny picture on the back of the paper-thing, im gonna scan it, and like colour it all funny in photoshop. and upload it to DA and LAAUGH. 
Saturday, January 18, 2003
  one day, i'll have a shitty-shitshit van and it'll be a mood van, and i'll drive around town with a horn that goes like AROOOOOGA!!  
What MGS series character are *YOU*?

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IM CHEESE?!?! NO!!! ::melts:: oh well. i guess i smell like cheese. XD;;

mmmyeah, momma's FINALLY getting her car back! YAY!! no more stupid grand am. >_+ augh, my dad is giving her a hard time, cause she's gonna buy new tires T_____T i hate him so much. he's going out today, to skidoo, so that means, he wont be here, and i can do the dishes in peace.

OH YEAH!!!1 in my dream, i was cooking in the dishwasher. XD!!
What's your Inner European?

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::GASP:: now THATS a shock. XD;

urhh, i had stupid dreams last night, but i liked the dream i had about eomer the night before, it was stupid, but very funny.

im so cold >___<, i gotta clean my room, but like, im hungry, so i eat first. 
Friday, January 17, 2003
  @___@ im dying over here!! its so hot! >_+ though its freezing out. T_____T urrrrrg.. i had to restart b's computer, and its doing its stuuuuppid XP scan CRAP... urrrg........... >__< 
The Zombie Movie Survival Quiz

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HAH! so i cheated. i just wanted nemi-chan XD; cause i am most definately NOT a 'A BAD ASS ZOMBIE KILLING MACHINE' dammit!!!!!1

okkay/... uh! yeah! lyrics!

Gollum's Song - EmilĂ­ana Torrini
Where once was light, now darkness falls.
Where once was love, love is no more.
Don't say goodbye.
Don't say I didn't try.

These tears we cry,
are falling rain
For all the lies you told us,
the hurt, the blame.
And we will wait
to be so alone.
We are lost,
We can never go home.

So in the end,
I'll be what I will be,
No loyal friend,
was ever there for me.
Now we say goodbye,
we say you didn't try.

These tears you cry,
have come too late.
Take back the lies,
the hurt, the blame.
And you will wake
when you face the end alone.
You are lost,
you can never go home.

You are lost,
you can never go home.


uh... whatelse... i donno, i should go and start converting TTT... ::dicks off::
Thursday, January 16, 2003
  1.FULL name: deanna lyn taylor ::gargle:: stupid middle name..
2.nicknames: d, doobie d, doob, doobster, DOBBIE D, unc-y herb. and state born in: brampton, ontario, asshole.
4.state you live in now: XD ONTARIO. *aka slut county, USA*
5.birthdate: November, 6th, 1986.
6.astrological sign: SCORPIO ::PINCHIES AT YOU:: ... i dont goto school ;_;
8.hobbies: eating, sleeping, cartoons/anime, your mom, food, cooking, reading about things, frolicing.
9.sports that you play/enjoy: hockey. big blue ball. swimming, and curling XDDDDDD CURLING.
10.height: around 5'9"
11.eye color: darkish brown color: naturally brown pleh. right now, its blueish BLACK!!
12.shoe size: around mens 9-1/2 to 10. it all depends on the man. wait..
righty or lefty: mcchicken mcright.


1. What do you think of the way you look? i'm ugly, and fat, and stupid looking..
2. What do you think about your attitude? i think im a pessimist who thinks youre an ass. why?
3. What do you think about life after death? i think that people believe there is life after death, because they can't accept their own mortality.
4. What do you think about karma? ehhh what goes around, comes around.
5. What do you think about love? its stupid, but we all need it in some way or another, i think its kinda why we exsist.
6. What do you think about fate? fate can suck my PENIS.
7. What do you think about your self? i hate myself. i'm just annoying on all levels to me.
8. What do you tell yourself if times get hard? "you suck, stop whining, and suck it up., Nobody cares!!"
9. What would you give your life for? friends/family.
10. What do you think about your first love? My first love was Alice Cooper, i still think he's SEXEH, AND HIS MUSIC STILL KICKS ASS.
11. What do you think about the first person that loved you? uh, i dont think anyone loved me that way.
12. What are you scared of? ..people uh... what else.. phones too. those nasty white spiders, they make me mental, and lots of baby spiders infecting... and... uh.... dying before i see Return of the King.XD
13. What was the saddest moment of your life so far? hn, being taken away from parents and being forced to live with THE slave driver grandparents, finding out that nortan died when i was away, the time i was rollerblading and they brought pandora out on a lead to take her to the vet to put her down-- then later finding out years later, that they actually just took her up north and shot her, and finding boss dead was pretty bad, and seeing my rabbit's head being ripped off.. and alot of things i really don't want to remember.
14. What would life be without friends? it sucks, alot. ive been there too many times.
15. Without family? sad, very sad, i love my family, even if the males can be such assholes to me.

*The Dream Side of You*

1.Do you dream a lot at night? hell yeah..
2.Do you dream in black and white, or color? mostly colour.
3.Do you remember any of your dream? usually yeah, i can remember most or all of them.
4.Where is your dream make out spot? UNDER THE PORCH. LOL. we don't have a porch...
5.What is your dream kiss like? like a mule eating an apple.
6.What is your dream job? uh.. herpotologist.. or something fun, like professional game tester, or uh.. i dont know.. XD;
8.Where is your dream vacation? somewhere where there are mountains shaped like boobs.
9.Do you believe that your dreams are a gateway to your soul? not really, i just think theyre like, what we're thinking about when we like.. sleep.. and stuff. XD

**DoN't Be AfRaId To DrEaM. ThE bEsT tHiNgS cOmE tO yOu WhEn YoU dReAm!**


1.Parents names: Dean and Anna.
2.Do you live with both of them?: yup yup.
3.Any siblings? If so, names and ages: Brittany, 14, James, uhh.. 20.. i think... XD
4.Do you get along with your siblings? usually, sometimes things get stale. but it passes.
5.Do you get along with your parents? mom almost all the time, but dad, im usually just like shuttup to, but ehh, he's not been yelling at me latley.

*Do you...*

1.Do you write in a journal or diary? i just have this here.
2.Do you keep an organizer? not really, but i should for egg.
3.Do you believe in love at first sight? not really.. but ALICE COOPER MASK
4.Do you believe that every person has one soul mate? sorta, a little not really..
5.Do you believe in god? no.
6.Do you believe in everyone (even the beyond helpless)? pah, no.
7.Do you believe in having a good education? i do, but im not getting one, because im an idiot, and a chicken shit.
8.Do you believe in horoscopes? sometimes they really apply to me, sometimes they dont. but basically yeah sorta.
9.Do you believe in yourself? no.
10.Do you shower daily? XDD. no.
11.Do you like this survey so far? ehh.
12.Do you like the person that sent you this? i love meg! and meg stole it from rikki, rikki is skills- mad skills.
13.Do you cry easily? not usually, i dont think.
14.Do you believe in heaven? nope. not unless heaven is run by machines.
15.Do you believe in hell? its like... like.. fresh.. baked bread..
16.Do you believe in reincarnation?: not really.


1.favorite day of the week: ehh therye all the same
2.favorite ice-cream: chocolate!! strawberry cheesecake, uh, cookie dough, heavenly hash, chocolate chip mint goo, hell, i love them all.
3.favorite movies: lord of the rings, uh... mononoke-hime, uhm .. hedwig and the angry inch!! i loved that! IT WAS SO FUN!! and uh! THE METAL GEAR MOVIE! i dont know, im not on the movie scene.
4.favorite actors: elijah wood, al pacino!! johnny depp <3, anthony hopkins. christopher walken.
5.favorite actresses: screw them, bring on the men XD;
6.favorite quote: "There was an orc with a whip, and then it turns into Sam!"
7.favorite songs: ... see quiz below.
8.favorite kind of music: anything OTHER than rap, most pop, and country.
9.favorite music singers: alice cooper.
10.favorite holiday: HALLOOOWWEEEN!1112
11.favorite season: i love them all.
12.favorite colors: all, even brown.
13.favorite flowers: i like orchids, and carnations.
14.favorite book: Return of the King.
15.favorite school subject: Art. XD;

*When you hear ___ you think of..*

1.Baseball: drugs.
2.Jeff: the biker guy that used to live on my street.
3.Dog: awwww!! ::LOVE::
4.Warm apple pie: yum. XDDDDD;;
5.Socks: Al eating a whole sock and puking it up.
6.Fish: i think of back in the day, at lunch, i'd goto the fish and chips place and be like yuuummm...
7.Nail: XD; the namek guy from dragonball z that got his arm ripped off and fused with piccolo.
8.Amanda: my hyperactive cousin.
9.Swimming: the summer with lots o' action.
10.Bologna: that reminds me of up north, i had a package of it frozen, and i was walking down the dirt road, waiting for it to thaw so i could eat it. XD
11.Giant Eagle: penis
12.A nun: that picture of the nun surfing the internet.
13.The # 69: McDonalds.
14.School: somewhere i wish i could be without flipping out.


1.Who is your overall~* top of the line~* best friend?: Meg, Lisa, Momma T, Chibi D, Al, Egg.
2.Who is your 2nd best friend?: Uncle Cheese
3.Who is your 3rd best friend?: Uncle Dole.
4.Who is your 4th best friend?: .... YOUR MOM
5.If there are any more, you can list them here: boobs


6.Is the funniest: Theyre All very funny.
7.Do you tell your dreams to: Everyone.
8.Do you tell your fears to: uh, i donno
9.Do you go to for advice: no one really.
11.Knows everything about you: i dont know, no one most likely.
12.Do you tell your secrets to: uhm.. i dont really have secrets that i want to talk about.
13.Is the most shy: ... bob dole's cousin.
14.Is the loudest: myself, or meg.
15.Can't you live without: all of them!
16.Is the most trendy: Lisa has the best sense of style, maybe not trendy like YOU. asshole. XD
17.Can be the most annoying: i dont know..
18.Lives the farthest away from you: Momma T.
19.Lives closest to you: Megmeg.
20.Are you most like: Im like no one this world's ever seen!!
21.What do you look for in a friend: eh, strangeness/humour.


1.boyfriend/girlfriend's name: dont have one.
3.where does that special someone live?: i dont know.
4.things you like in the opposite sex: uhm... i dont know.
5.when was your first kiss: no peg.
6.are you a virgin: yes. and proudly so.
7.the most romantic thing anyone has done for you was: ..donuts.
8.which is more important- personality or looks?: personality asshole.
9.first boyfriend/girlfriend: none.

*Creative Q's*

1.If you had the choice to spin around the sun, or walk on the moon, which would you choose and why?: moon, its cold. and like spookeh.
2.What color do you think best describes you and why? MOODPANTS. cause like at one second im all like YEAHHAPPYHAPPYHAPPY-- DIIIIE BIITCH FUCK ASS DICKPENIS!!
3.If you could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing?: uh.. flying with big pretty wings..
4.Would you ever share you heart completely with someone else? like in that movie, dragonheart, yes. but anyother way, screw that.
5.Which sense could you not live without, and why? SIIIGHT!!!!!1
6.Have you ever written on a mirror? yeah
7.If you could change one thing you did in the last 24 hours, what would it be and why?: I woulda...
8.Do you prefer sleeping outside beneath the night sky, or your cozy bed indoors?: beeeeed
9.What is the most beautiful thing in the world?: *_* YOU. XDDD
10.Name one person whose changed your life for the better: LISA!!
11.What can someone do to you that would turn you on fully- physically or mentally- or both?: attack with monkeys.
12.If you knew you were going to pass away within the next few days, what would be the last thing you say, and who would you say that to?: i'd say that uh... I LOVE YOU ::SOB:: to uh.. chibi d. and probably write down that my friends can have my stuff.
13.What is one thing that can make you smile no matter what mood your in?: uh.. chibi d..
14.If you could meet anyone, past or present, dead or alive, who would you meet and why?: Alice Cooper, cause he's the best!
15.And finally, what makes you, you?: this blog and the things i put in it.


im really bored, tomorrow is mom's birthday.. i need to get her something/maker her something. 
Wednesday, January 15, 2003
  chibi d is good today, she was shaky in the cage, but i think thats cause she was in there alone, last night a scary man was on our couch.

.... i need a new template. 
  it seems im a meg now too ::looks down at survey:: 
Tuesday, January 14, 2003
  Name: Meg
@ Age: 16
@ Height: 5'9"ish
@ Sign: Scorpio
@ Hair Color: blue-ish BLAAACK.
@ Eye Color: dark brown.
@ Foot Size: big, like man 10like tooo..
@ Heritage: hungarian and like.. uh... i dont know...
@ Birthplace: Brampton XD
@ Parents Names: MAW'N'PAW
@ Parents Together?: Yeah..T_+

@ Elementary School: McPhale/Goldcrest.
@ Middle School: Greenbriar/IndEC
@ High School: what i got of it was in indEC
@ College: up yours with a toothbrush
@ Major (if applicable): penis pickering
@ Extracurricular Activity of Choice: penis enhancing.
@ Favorite Elementary School Memory: eh. trying to fly with bags.
@ Favourite Middle School Memory: meeting lisa and being a stupid ass alot.
@ Favorite High School Memory: ... DEAD.

[hygiene.. oh please...]
@ Shower How Often?: ehh whenever i cant stand the smell/need to go somewhere with people
@ Morning or Night Showers?: midday, if i can.
@ Brush Teeth How Often?: ehh, i donno, once in a while, more as of late, since my teeth hurt.
@ Floss? (Don't lie!): neh, sometimes when we have cinnamon flavour.
@ Shampoo Brand: eh, i <3 pantine..
@ Soap / Body Wash Brand: FA stuff IT SMELLS REAALLLYY GOOD.
@ Lotion Brand: the only kind i can use is Johnson+Johnson baby lotion, im illergic to like.. everything else T_=
@ Face Wash Brand: eh, biore?
@ Toothbrush Color: orange.
@ Body Spray: AXE!!!

[love, hate, rejection, and all the fun stuff.]
@ Define Love: something i dont know.
@ Have you ever mistaken love for lust?: like man.
@ Are you in love? With who?: uh .... SNAKEALICECOOPEROTACONELIJAHBOB--.. dole?
@ If yes, are you sure it's love?: hooyeah xD;;;
@ If no, have you ever been in love?: no.
@ What happened?: my ass did.
@ Have you ever been used?: kay, seriously who the fuck hasent?
@ What happened and why?: all i have to say is ITS THE STORY OF MY LIFE.
@ Have you ever used someone?: yup
@ What happened and why?: See the question before last. ::also::
@ Biggest disappointment (relationship/girl/guy-wise): were not real people/celebratetyeyies/already married. XD;
@ First Kiss?: .... XDDDDD; pfft
@ Most Memorable Kiss?: Probably a kiss from the dog.
@ Ever been dumped?: cant say i have
@ Ever dumped?: also.
@ Worst kisser: chibi d.
@ Worst hugger: me. XD;
@ Best kisser: ivory, XDDDDD she has a REALLY big tongue (ookay, that just sounded REALLY disgusting)
@ Best hugger: i donno.. my mom?
@ Are you friends with any of your exes?: exeses?
@ Sweetest romantic thing done for you: ONE TIME, THIS MAN THREW A DONUT AT ME. (wait-- that was britt)

[play favorites]
@ TV Show: uh.. KNIGHT RIDER!!! xD; or DS9/Voyager, or... the simpsons/family guy
@ Movie: fotr, ttt, uh..... ....
@ Book: the lotr trioliguiyygiy.
@ Solo Artist: ...Alice Cooper!!!!!!!111
@ Band: i love them all.
@ Soundtrack: the TTT one is really nice..
@ Song: right now, probably 'Dream On' by Aerosmith, Gollums song.. by that chick.. xD; and like all Alice Cooper songs.
@ Color: Black, red, green, blue, pink, POIPLE!! i love every colour. even some shades of brown.
@ Slang Word: hizouse, shiznizzle, pizzlenizzle, word up yo.
@ City: I BE UP IN THE T!!
@ Season: i love them all!!
@ Article of Clothing: My NONripped cape that i can't find, my HELLO KITTY FURRY BAG(shuttup, its article of clothing) and my.. uh.. one ring. XDDDDDDD;
@ Sport to Watch: Hockey. CURLING.
@ Sport to Play: uh.. i don't know, i suck a sports, i like to swim.
@ Animal: dogs, cats, snakes, horses, birds, fishesses! i love all animals-- except apes XD.

[random questions because i'm done with categorizing]
@ What are you wearing?: same thing ive been wearing for three days, black shirt, one ring, old nikey shorts.
@ What are you doing?: listneing to the news, and filling this survey out, wondering about chibi d.
@ What do you want to do with your life?: deep down inside, i wanna be a herpotologist, or a trucker. XD but i'll end up flippin' burgers
@ One Naughty Secret: one time, i stapled my testicle to my leg.
@ One Silly Secret: i.. LIKE MEN-- wait. uh... i don't know..
@ One Bad Habit: only one? i dont know, i dont shower enough.
@ One Bad Personality Trait: im loud and annoying.
@ One Good Habit: uh.. i dont know
@ One Good Personality Trait: ::blows spit bubble::
@ One Natural Talent: pfft, nothing.
@ One Acquired Talent: everything xD; i was born with NOTHING.
@ Thing you want to do once in your life: die- wait...
@ Thing you will never do in your life: burst into flames.
@ Where do you want to travel to?: ya know.. that.. planet.. i think it's called... "GOD'S PLANET"
@ Where will you never go?: where your ass is sititng.
@ What do people not get about you?: im loud and stupid.
@ What do you need right now?: a drink, and a free vet.. and a nikon digital coolpix 4500 xD;
@ What do you have right now?: ... a sore ass, a headache, ow-y teeth, a sick dog, a computer that keeps freezing, indigestion, a big mouth. an annoying father. mice. and a load of other crap.

::itches ear:: im reallly bored, chibi d just puked again.
  MY GUTses >_+ ::falls over:: i slept a little bit last night, go me? i fell asleep on chibi d's ass XDD;; and i woke up to something dalling and scaring the shit out of me XD

urh chibi d scared theshit out of me too, she was sleeping, and wouldnt wake up and i shook her, and like she was all limp and her head kind just dangled, and i was like CHIBI D!!!! ::SHAKESHAKESHAKE:: and she wouldnt wake up, but then she did, and she looked at me and then she went back to sleep, poor dear... 
  well.. they found the poison they thought chibi d ate.

...but i still don't know, she won't get out of my bed, she wouldnt eat a cookie. A COOKIE. chibi d DOES NOT REFUSE HUMAN FOOD.. +_+; she puked again three times last night, +_____+, she's either got a virus, food poisoning, or there is a peice of something she ate blocking something inside her that she can't puke out. ;__; poor poor chibi d ::huggles:: 
Monday, January 13, 2003
  i don't know what to do, i think my dog is dying, and no one will help me out, i have enough money for the emergency vet fees, but not enough for treatment IF she needs any, james agrees that shes really sick, but alas, james has no car. Dad says "I'm not takin' her nowhere!" mom says "I'm not spending all night there with her."

so if my dog dies, im blaming them for not taking us, since i don't have a license, let alone a car.

see, she's been puking up everything she eats, and she's puked like 11 times today, my dad first thought she ate rat poison, then my brother looked at her, and she was twiching like mad, and then he thought she ate it as well, he called Shiela, and she told him to contact a vet, right away, so he did so, they said to bring her in RIGHT away, but then, my mom thinks she didnt eat it, and just eat some plastic or something.

if chibi d dies, i don't know what i'm going to do.. i hate this, i feel like garbage. 
  me (throwing out towel that was old, and covered and hairdye, that i used to clean up chibi d puke) : ::minds own business::
dad : is that a towel?
me : yeah..
dad : why are you throwing it--
me : it's covered in hair dye, and i used it to clean up puke.
dad : well i wash them.
me (no additude or anything.): that's disgusting.
dad : well i don't give a shit.
me : good for you.


What swear word are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

XDDD yup.

urh, i finally got around to watching velvet goldmine, pretty good, just i still think that it shouldve yelled ALICE COOPER, and been over-- cause that woulda confused the hell out of everyone.

uh...... my head is killing me, i got yelled at for sleeping all day. i want something to eat, but im not hungry. AX WITH NO E.!!!!!!!!! 
Sunday, January 12, 2003
  IM DYING. i cant stop shivering, and i swear my dad and james are the LOUDEST ASSHOLES I'VE EVER MET! T___T i tried so hard to sleep, i ended up getting like three hours.. and thats not enough when youre sick.and mom and britt dissapeared again.

again... ass, im freezing my extremly bulbous ass off... ::chases chibi d with axe:: SHES REALLY AFRAID OF IT. XD. (axe the man-scent spray, not ax with no e XD) its funny cause theyre in their cage. XD but shuttup, i was really chasing her. i think.. im gonna go back to bed soon, since no one is here now. ~_~ assclam, my ARMPIT IS ALL HURTY. my bed looks so warm
but its probably not ::HOPS OFF:: 

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Location: Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Twenty-six y/o mother of two, trying to attain happiness, balance, and good health.

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